What Happens If I Give My Dog CBD: Explained

Posted by CBD LION on on Sep/Wed/2021

What happens if I give CBD to my dog?

Are you wondering if CBD oil is safe for your dog to take? Dogs can benefit from the many health benefits of CBD, but there are a few things that pet owners need to keep in mind. This blog post will help answer some of the most common questions about giving CBD oil to dogs and how it can be beneficial for your canine friend. Dogs have different needs when it comes to dosage and type; this article will break down all of these details, so you know what's best for your pup!

How Does CBD help humans?

CBD is a natural supplement that can potentially help to reduce inflammation and pain, promote better sleep quality, alleviate anxiety or depression symptoms. CBD works by helping resolve a deficiency in your endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system

Discovered around 1992, the endocannabinoid system is a relatively recent discovery. Named after the plant that led to its discovery, it is a system of neurotransmitters and receptors found in humans, animals, and plants.

This "system" was discovered when scientists examined an extract from cannabis, marijuana, or hemp plants and various other components such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – one ingredient with psychoactive properties that can lead to addiction. They discovered this chemical would interact with cells at specific points on the body called cannabinoid receptors.

The endocannabinoid system has been shown by studies to have effects not only for pain relief but also inflammatory responses like arthritis-related discomfort, appetite control; anxiety levels; immune function regulation, reproduction cycles coordination, among many others!

Do dogs have an endocannabinoid system?

Yes! Dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system in their body and can achieve some of the same benefits we can. Dogs can produce their endocannabinoids, but certain conditions can create a deficiency and cause an imbalanced system. Dogs can benefit from the same benefits as humans: less pain, reduction in inflammation, better appetite control, relief from anxiety levels, and more!

Is CBD safe to use on your dog?

CBD is one of the safest natural medicines you can give to your dog. Dogs have receptors just like humans do. They can potentially achieve relief from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety levels, and more!

If your dog is on any medication, it is essential to talk with your veterinarian about any possible interactions before administering it to your dog.

How your dog may respond to CBD?

CBD effects are often very subtle. Dogs do respond similarly to humans and may experience relief from chronic pain and other ailments. Dogs that are new to CBD should start with a small amount of oil given daily for about two weeks. If there is no visible response after this period, you'll want to talk with your veterinarian before continuing on more.

Some customers have reported calmer behavior and older pets doing more activities. These are antidotal reports, and the effects vary from dog to dog.

Types of CBD for your pet

CBD has started appearing in numerous varieties for pets. CBD oils, treats peanut butters, and rubs.

Here at CBD LION, we focus on tinctures and pet treats as they are the two best ways to administer CBD oil for dogs.


Tinctures are the CBD oil that is administered by droppers. Our Pet Tinctures consist of just two ingredients, Organic MCT oil and pure CBD isolate. This minimizes any allergic reactions or side effects that your dog can experience. It's available in 16.7mg/mL and can be dosed out using the included graduated dropper.

Pet Tinctures are the most flexible option as they can be administered in many different ways. You can drop the CBD oil into the water, food, or a treat. Never administer it directly as the dropper is glass and can cause injury if bitten.

Pet Treats

We offer CBD Pet Treats in addition to the Pet Tinctures. Treats are made with a full spectrum CBD that has 5mg of CBD per treat. They are made with vegan and organic ingredients. Since it is made with full spectrum, the treats contain other minor cannabinoids that can provide relief. There is a trace amount of THC in the treat but not enough to get your dog high.

CBD Dog Treats come in an Apple flavor your dog will LOVE! It's the easiest and most rewarding way of giving your dog CBD.

CBD Dosage for dogs

So how much CBD do I give my dog? There is no direct answer for that be we can provide you guidelines and a starting point. The most common variables that affect the dosage of CBD for dogs are body weight, body composition, age, and illness. Weight is the most significant factor in determining the amount of pet CBD.

Dosing with Pet Tinctures

With the Pet CBD oil Tinctures, you'll want to calculate the dosage using the graduated dropper. One full dropper is about 16.7mg of CBD per mL.

The dropper has measurements at each quarter, so each mark contains the following amount of CBD:

Amount in 1 drop = ~0.835mg of CBD

1/4 dropper = ~4.175mg of CBD

1/2 dropper = ~8.350mg of CBD

3/4 dropper = ~12.525mg of CBD

Full dropper = ~16.7mg of CBD

Dosing with Pet Treats

With the pet treats, each one contains 5mg of CBD. There are a couple of ways to measure the dose. You can weigh the treat and go based on weight or approximate by size by splitting up the treat.

Each treat weighs 12 grams so you can use the following guide below:

1mg of CBD = ~2.4g

2mg of CBD = ~4.8g

3mg of CBD = ~7.2g

4mg of CBD = ~9.6g

5mg of CBD = ~12g Full Treat

Note: These are starting points for using CBD to help your dog. Always consult with the vet to get the specific amount and recommendation. They know your dog best and the variables that will affect the dosage.

Amount of CBD for small breeds

A small breed is considered a dog that weighs less than 15lbs.

Some common small breeds that fall into this category of less than 15lbs are: Chihuahua, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier.

At this weight level, you'll want to try starting with 1-2 drops per time (0.835-1.670mg of CBD Oil) or 2-4 G of pet treat.

It's crucial to use consistently and gradually up the dosage if needed.

Amount for medium breeds

A medium breed is considered a dog that weighs between 15-40lbs.

Some common medium breed dogs are: Basset Hound, Beagle, French Bulldogs, and Pugs.

At this weight level, you'll want to try starting with 2-3 drops per time (1.670-2.5mg of CBD Oil) or 4-6 G of pet treat.

Amount for large breeds

A large breed is considered a dog that weighs between 40-75lbs.

Some common large breed dogs are: Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Short Hair Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds.

At this weight level, you'll want to try starting with a 1/4 dropper per time (4.175mg of CBD Oil) or 10 G of pet treat.

Amount for extra large breeds

An extra large breed is considered a dog that weighs greater than 75lbs.

Some common extra large breeds are: Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and Rottweilers.

At this weight level, you'll want to try starting with a 1/2 dropper per time (8.350mg of CBD Oil) or 19 G of pet treat.

When to give my dog CBD?

It's best to give CBD to your dog 1-2 hours before you think they'll need it. If they need it in the morning, give it to them first thing in the morning or when they eat breakfast. For nighttime use, please give it to them 2 hours before bed. The tincture and treats will take about the same time for the CBD to take effect.

Other pets that benefit from CBD

In addition to dogs, many other mammals have an endocannabinoid system like cats, horses, and ferrets. Feel free to research further on these different animals and how CBD can help.

CBD LION Pet Products

The owners of CBD LION initially developed these products to use on their pets. We released it to the public after the customer's requested cannabidiol products for their dogs. All of the same practices go into producing this high-quality CBD oil. They are made in an ISO 7 lab, 3rd party lab testing with QR codes to show you the results by the batch.

We start with the highest quality CBD and infuse it with our proprietary blending technique to produce the best CBD products for your pet.

Our CBD pet tinctures are all 16.7mg/ml but range in size from 0.5oz 250mg to a 2oz 1000mg bottle. It's easy to give your dog in a variety of methods.

Our CBD Treats provide 5mg of full spectrum CBD per piece if you want a more straightforward option. Your dog will love them, and it is one of the tastiest products on the market!

In Conclusion

Using a CBD product on your dog could provide similar benefits that humans have from using hemp oil. Your dog's body benefits from supplementing its endocannabinoids just like yours.

You'll want to start slow with the CBD dosage and gradually work your way up. It doesn't matter what kind of derived CBD you use as long as it's for animals and is made by a reputable company. Please do not start with a high dose and talk it over with your vet before trying to make you are aware of everything you need to know.