CBD Topicals: How They Work And Tips For Using

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

Can CBD Be Applied Using Topical Application?CBD oil is more than just drops you place under your tongue or oil you put in a vaporizer. For many, the option of relieving areas in need can come from … read more

Finding Balance With CBD

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

Achieving Alignment With CBD?Our daily lives bring about immense stress that can often feel difficult to manage. Attempting to juggle work, social lives, and whatever else our routines bring isn’t … read more

How CBD and Terpenes Create An Entourage Effect

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

CBD with Terpenes: Entourage EffectA big buzz word you hear in the CBD space is the entourage effect. What is it? It’s a synergistic combination of compounds that produce a more significant impact tha … read more

Buyer Beware: CBD On Amazon


CBD On AmazonWhat is not to love about Amazon? Freaky fast shipping, Alexa can start your car, and soon you will be able to get your next order via drone. So why think twice about buying CBD from Amaz … read more

Hemp Prices: They are falling and what it means for your CBD

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

Hemp PricesAs with many perceived “gold rushes,” too many people were lured into the business. With promises of $30,000 an acre and the rebirth of the small-time farm.Limited amount of acres were grow … read more