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CBD Topical and Bath




While tinctures and gummies are great for general CBD usage, sometimes, you need a potent product to target a specific part of the body. Whether it’s a knee, hand, back, neck or elbow, our CBD Topicals give you spot treatment where you need it most. Our topicals are specially formulated to maximize absorbtion of CBD. With four options to choose from (Lotion, Roll On, Sports Tape, and BathBombs) our CBD topicals are an easy way to get direct support for those problem areas.


You’ll find most CBD topical’s on the market are off the shelf lotions, or gel’s with CBD mixed in. We knew we needed to maximize the CBD you are paying for, that additional ingredients that aid in absorption had to be included. We searched for a qualified R&D chemist in the cosmetology field. We partnered with them to bring you the most effective topical products.

We set the industry standard by manufacturing in our certified ISO 7 Clean Room. We provide quick, efficient customer service, whether you have a question about CBD or you aren't sure which product to use for your specific needs. Out team is here to support our customers.


Designed with convience in mind, our CBD topicals come in a variety of applicators including Roll Ons, Lotions, Tapes, and Bath Bombs which are perfect for applying directly to the skin. Simply choose a topical that is best suited for you and apply as needed. We always suggest consistent use for best results. Delivery Speed: Moderate Onset (20min - 40min), may last 4-8 hours. Apply generously to desired area.


While other CBD products (like CBD tinctures and edibles) are great for achieving wellness support throughout your entire body, CBD topicals are perfect for targeting specific areas of discomfort such as sore muscles and dry skin.

CBD topicals make a great alternative for highly targeted recovery wherever they are applied. There are a variety of CBD topical options at CBD LION. Some have aromatherapy and others have no scent, as well as a range of hemp types such as Isolate based products and Full Spectrum Hemp too!



How does taking a topical compare to an edible or inhalation?

The biggest advantage of topical’s is being able to target specific areas in need with a longer lasting effect.


Can the topical products treat pain?

CBD LION’s products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Can the topical products help with arthritis?

CBD LION’s products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

What strengths are the topical?

The strongest is the roll-on with 1,000mg CBD. The lotion has 900mg with 9mg per pump and the 300mg has 3mg per pump.

Do any of the topical products contain THC?

No, our products are isolate based and do not contain any THC. Even though it does not have any THC, drug testing technology has not caught up to CBD yet. There are many tests out there that test for cannabinioids in general and any CBD usage will cause a positive regardless of THC content regardless of who makes the product. We encourage you to be upfront with employer or test administrator and gain permission from them to use CBD products.

What sets CBD LION’s lotion apart?

Our lotion is specially formulated with CBD absorption as the main goal. Other CBD lotions are standard off the shelf formula’s with the CBD added. Our formula also is scent free and does not leave a greasy residue like most do.

What sets the Roll-On apart?

Like the lotion it is formulated with CBD absorption as the main purpose. It is also incredibly potent at 400mg per ounce. It also features a menthol cooling sensation to aid in relief.

How long is the onset for the topical?

It takes usually for 20-40 minutes for it to be fully absorbed by the body with a potential lasting effects of 4-8 hours.

Do you do 3rd party lab testing on your products?

Yes, all of our products are 3rd party lab tested by the batch which you can find here.

Do you use CBD from organic hemp?

Yes, all of the CBD in our products come from organic, non-gmo hemp grown in USA. All CBD must pass our strict thresholds and is 3rd party before it is formulated in our products.