The Legality Of CBD

Posted by CBD LION on on Mar/Tue/2020

CBD Legality

In 2014 the farm bill opened up the ability to grow hemp. It dawned on the age of  CBD and started the revolution. From the 2014 Farm Bill to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD operated in a very gray area. Hemp was still considered a scheduled drug, and the DEA was always one step away from shutting down this young industry, but the demand and new companies pushed on to build a foundation for something great.

December 2018 changed everything when the farm bill was signed. No longer did CBD have to hide in the shadows and only be sold by the early adopters risking persecution. It was set free, and the booming industry took a big leap towards legitimacy. The new bill descheduled CBD and hemp, making it federally legal as an agriculture commodity. It also stated that states had to develop a hemp program and could not interfere with interstate commerce.

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Key points of the 2018 Farm Bill

As defined by the Farm Bill,  hemp is considered part of the Cannabis Sativa L plant with less than 0.03% THC and includes extracts and cannabinoids.

Federally legal in which states cannot interfere with interstate commerce.

Hemp farmers can now insure their crops.

Removes liability for banks to deal with  CBD companies, opening up more merchant processing and overall ease of doing business.

The USDA Secretary must approve the state’s hemp programs.

Hemp research protection expanded.

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Traveling with CBD

According to TSA, you are allowed to travel through airports with bags possessing  CBD products. If in your carry on bag, make sure it is below the allotted amount of liquid or food you can possess. While TSA won’t check the THC content of the product, some states have a zero-tolerance policy on THC in products and would be carrying illegal products once in the state. Our products currently do not have THC and would not be an issue.

On international flights, always verify that the country you are traveling allows CBD products.

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Please Note: While CBD is federally legal, in the end, it is up to the state on the policy for CBD. Some states do not allow any amount of THC in the product, not something that is an issue with CBD LION’s current line of product. Always stay up to date with local and state laws as there is constant change in this young industry.