Quality Hemp: A Must For All CBD Products


The Quality Of Hemp Used

To produce the highest quality  CBD product, you need to start with a high-quality hemp plant. Not only do you need high-grade farming practices, but you also need clean land and water source. Hemp is known to pull many substances out of the soil, and if there are heavy metals or toxins, you can bet those will be in the plant. It’s common for toxic spills to have hemp planted in the soil to help extract the contamination.

So when we source CBD, we make sure it comes from the cleanest plant possible. We have rigorous standards that require organic farming standards and the plant to be non-gmo. We don’t take their word for it either. Whenever we receive CBD, we send it to be full panel tested to make sure that no compromised crop makes it into our product.

dangerous hemp plant

2018 Farm Bill

Back with the 2014  Farm Bill, the ability to grow hemp was legal again in the United States. Few states took advantage of created hemp pilot programs. Some of the early adoption states were Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, it stated that each state has to create a legal pathway for its citizens to grow hemp. Now a majority of states are online, and many able to grow in 2019 with an even more significant amount set for 2020. That means the amount of high-quality hemp will be higher than ever. It also means tainted crops will be higher than ever as farmers new to hemp learn the pitfalls of the plant.

2018 Farm Bill Timeline

President Trump Signs Farm Bill

Hemp Male Vs. Female

That’s right. There are different gender hemp plants; one is rich in CBD potent flower, the other is rich in fiber. Female hemp plants are the ones that bear all the CBD put on the market today.A crop must be only female as a male plant can prevent flowering.

male vs female hemp plant


All Hemp crop utilized for our CBD is from non genetically modified hemp. We use pure bread plants to provide the highest yield of CBD.

Organically Grown

All of our CBD comes from hemp that is organically grown. Using pesticides with hemp is partially dangerous as chances of the plant, absorbing it and becoming part of the biomass is high. Any CBD coming from non-organic hemp is likely tainted.

Full Panel Testing

The only way to ensure the CBD is from organically, Non-GMO plants is to do  full panel testing. This tests for toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and bacteria. If any of these tests fail, the seller is not honest and should not be used. We full panel to test all CBD before we mix into the final product, and you can view all of our test results on our site.