Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Posted by CBD LION on on Mar/Tue/2020


The main goal of taking  CBD is to achieve the goldilocks zone.The goldilocks zone is the point where you have the correct amount of CBD in your system, not too little and not too much. One of the most difficult things is figuring out what it takes to get to that point.Your body, age, gender all can affect this point so there is no one size fits all for determining how much CBD you need.

So where do you start?

At  CBD LION we strive to give you the tools to make calculating your dose amount simple.It does require trial and error and we recommend getting a journal to take notes about how much you take and the effects you experience.



Tinctures are one of the easiest and most popular products used to figure out the goldilocks zone.All of our droppers have measurements on it with the amount per mL on the label.

Tincture Strength Amount Per 0.5ml Amount Per mL Amount Per Drop
250mg 15mL 8.35mg 16.7mg 0.835mg
500mg 30mL 8.35mg 16.7mg 0.835mg
500mg 15mL 16.7mg 33.4mg 1.67mg
1000mg 30mL 16.7mg 33.4mg 1.67mg
1000mg 60mL 8.35mg 16.7mg 0.835mg
2000mg 30mL 33.4mg 66.7mg 3.34mg
2000mg 60mL 8.35mg 16.7mg 0.835mg
4000mg 60mL 8.35mg 16.7mg 0.835mg
4000mg 120mL 16.7mg 33.4mg 1.67mg
5000mg 30mL 83.35mg 166.7mg 8.34mg
8000mg 120mL 8.35mg 16.7mg 0.835mg
10000mg 60mL 83.35mg 166.7mg 8.34mg
20000mg 120mL 83.35mg 166.7mg 8.34mg


CBD Lotion 900mg and 300mg

Our  lotion offers an easy to measure amount similar to the tincture.Each pump is an exact measurement and can give you a consistent measurable amount.

300mg Lotion, 1 pump = 3mg of CBD

900mg Lotion, 1 pump = 9mg of CBD


CBD Gummies, edibles

Our  gummy line is incredibly easy to figure out the amount of CBD taken as each gummy contains 25mg of CBD.Don’t let the high amount intimidate as the gummies can be cut further down.A gummy cut in half will represent about 12.5mg of CBD.Keep in mind that edibles onset time and lasting effects can be heavily effected by the contents or lack there of in the stomach.

CBD Patch and Sports Tape

CBD Patch and Kinesiology Tape

Our  patch and sports tape is one of our newest products and due to some ingenious thinking on our product development team, the back side of the tape is pre marked in increments of 10mg of CBD.

Bath Bomb

CBD Bath Bombs

Our  bath bombs all contain a flat amount of 100mg of CBD so each bath will have a consistent amount of CBD in it.


CBD Vape Products

Our vape products are the start where it becomes a little bit more difficult to calculate theamount of CBD received due to variation in the inhalation process.We came up with a range per product but this all varies on length and intensity of the draw.

150mg Vape Cart 0.75-2.25mg of CBD Per Draw

420mg Vape Cart 1.05-3.15mg of CBD Per Draw

500mg Pure Distillate Pen1.00-3.00mg of CBD Per Draw

CBD Shatter 8-12mg of CBD Per Dab (This can vary greatly due to the wide variance of dab sizes)


Due to the hard nature of measuring an application of the  roll on, we are unable to give specific numbers regarding the application.With this product we encourage trial and error to gain a baseline.

Calculating Your Goldilocks zone

With the above information you can establish a base line on the amount of CBD you are taking and begin the process of adding more or less.We always recommend starting low and working your way up to the desired effect.Remember CBD takes time to accumulate in the body and it is important to stay consistent with the usage of the product for maximum efficacy.