The Side Effects Of CBD

The Side Effects Of CBD

Posted by CBD LION on on Mar/Tue/2020

CBD Side Effects

If you are taking any sort of  product, you should be well aware of the potential side effects.While the side effects are minimal with CBD, there is some important facts you should know before taking.

Taking CBD with Medication

CBD and use with medication

There are some medications that CBD should not be used in conjuncture with.The grapefruit rule is an effective guideline to follow.If the medication has a warning not to eat a grapefruit, it should not be used with CBD.This is due to the CYP450 family of enzymes, what happens is the CBD molecules occupy the enzymes, not allowing them to process the medication rendering it ineffective.

grapefruit rule with CBD


Side Effects

According to Webmd, some side effects of CBD are drowsiness, dry mouth, light headedness, and low blood pressure.

Amounts Taken

Webmd reports amounts of 300mg daily have been taken for 6 months safely and higher amounts of 1200-1500mg daily have been taken safely for 4 weeks at a time.


Pregnant or Lactating

do not take CBD when pregnant

As with many common substances, CBD use should be avoided if you are pregnant or lactating as CBD has not been determined to be safe for the fetus or infant.

Allergic Reactions

There are substances in CBD products that may cause allergic reactions and recommend you immediately suspend usage of the product if any symptoms are experienced.