What does CBD feel like?

Posted by CBD LION on on Sep/Wed/2021

What does CBD feel like?

CBD oil has been gaining so much popularity lately. Many people take it for a variety of reasons. So what does CBD feel like? Will it get me high? Will I hallucinate? Many people are scared of anything related to marijuana. There is a paranoia that it will make them feel weird. The truth is that it doesn't feel like a whole lot, and most of the feeling is the pullback of the symptoms. We'll talk about how CBD feels in your body, what you should expect when taking CBD oil, how long before you start feeling effects from CBD oil, and more!

Where CBD comes from?

CBD is a cannabinoid found primarily in hemp and marijuana. It's short for its scientific name, cannabidiol. CBD is one of the most abundant compounds in these plants, but how it got there remains a mystery.

It was initially believed that only hemp and marijuana had high concentrations of CBD. The truth now is that many types of plants have trace amounts of CBD or other cannabinoids, which might be beneficial to man. For example, hops are related to cannabis and contain some CBD but not enough for any medicinal effects.


Difference between Hemp and Marijuana CBD

Whether the derived CBD is from marijuana or hemp derived, a CBD molecule is the same. CBD will not get you high and has numerous potential health benefits. It's a nonintoxicating substance that has many potential health benefits. The difference between the two plants comes down to a legal definition that hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and marijuana is greater than 0.3% THC.

So what is the difference between CBD at a shop vs. CBD at a dispensary? This boils down to laws and where the CBD comes from. Most CBD you find at a dispensary has a higher THC content. Typically this type of CBD is sold in a ratio like CBD content is five times the amount of THC. CBD at a shop should only be purchased by a verifiable brand that has 3rd party lab testing per the batch readily available.

If you want a CBD product with zero THC, stick with an isolate or broad-spectrum. No issues with trace amounts of THC; check out a full spectrum product.

What CBD Feels Like based on amounts:

CBD is a very personal thing and is influenced by a lot of factors. Some of the most significant variables are weight, body composition, age, and stress levels. Since everyone differs so much, a small dosage for someone could be a large one.

If you are curious about dosage, you can check out our guide here. This will help you figure out a starting point on how to find the exact amount you need.

Small Dosage:

Taking a small dosage can range from no feeling to relief. CBD helps with how it makes users feel; there is a massive difference in how CBD can make an individual feel.

A small dosage will usually be around 15mg or less of cannabidiol. If you are not feeling anything after about four days, then bump up the dose.

Medium Dosage:

The medium dose is the most commonly used amount. For the consistent user feeling results, it is generally not the CBD you feel with it. Most of the users report relief coming on subtly. It's more the feeling of symptoms going away than the actual CBD you feel.

Typical dosages in the medium range are around 30mg.

Large Dosage:

With a large dose, you can feel CBD briefly. It's a calming aura that lasts about 10 minutes. This is not the goal of CBD. If you get that feeling, you have gone too far and should scale back your dosage amount.

Large doses range from 66+mg of CBD.

How CBD effects differ from THC

The big difference between CBD and THC is how they interact with the brain. THC stimulates the endocannabinoid system and has a psychoactive effect on how you feel, think, and act. CBD is more of an anti-inflammatory that doesn't have any psychoactive effects at all.

THC is what gets you high and is the main active ingredient in marijuana. Delta 9 is the main version of THC, but new ones like Delta 8 and THC V are becoming more common. A majority of states only outlaw Delta 9. Still, some are starting to outlaw Delta 8 and other alternatives that are ending on store shelves.

How different products affect the feeling

When it comes to CBD, not only does the dosage amount affect how it performs, the type of consumption as well. There are four main ways to consume CBD. These are sublingual, ingestion, topical, and inhalation. Each one has a different the CBD is absorbed and affects onset time and intensity into the bloodstream.


Tinctures, also known as CBD oil, are the most common form of CBD. This is a sublingual method that enters the blood directly underneath the tongue. It has a minimal amount of variables and has an onset time of about 15 minutes.

How CBD tinctures make you feel can range from slight relief to complete calmness. Tinctures are a great way to work your dose up as they are quick to absorb, easy to measure, and can add more to the point you have the desired effects.


Consuming CBD through a gummy or chocolate would be CBD absorption through ingestion. Eating your CBD does add a few variables to consider. Taking CBD on an empty stomach vs. a full stomach will affect the onset time. An empty stomach will process the CBD faster and can provide a shorter period of relief. Taking it on a full stomach will lengthen the onset time but also increase the time of relief. It's usually about a 90 minute onset time on average.

Like tinctures, edibles provide a more general whole body relief. You can go past the point of need with these as well, and it's often cause they make them taste so good!


Of the CBD methods, lotion and topical is the hardest to take too much. You can apply in the areas of need and pinpoint where you want the CBD to help. The onset time takes between 20-40 minutes and lasts about 4-8 hours.

With topicals, you aren't going to get that calm, quiet feeling if you apply too much. If you do feel any effects, it will be a slow onset of relief.

Hemp Flower

The last method of consumption is inhalation. CBD hemp flower, when smoked, has a near-instant onset. The smoke carries the cannabinoids into the lungs, where they are quickly absorbed. Since it does have the fastest onset (about 5 minutes), it also lasts the shortest at 1-4 hours.

Hemp Flower can have multiple effects due to the terpene profile. Some strains may promote a more relaxing feeling, while others may seem like an upper. Most hemp flower has trace amounts of THC in it, so avoid being subject to a drug test.

Different feelings associated with CBD:

CBD is associated with helping a lot of different things. This is done by enabling the endocannabinoid system to replenish. When the body is out of balance, the endocannabinoid is out of balance. CBD helps by restoring that homeostasis and calm the body from acting out.

With all the different things, it helps. There are a lot of associated feelings people report with CBD.


Many people use CBD to ease stress. This slowing down of the body and allowing it to unwind creates a calm feeling. Again, most CBD feelings people report the result from symptoms going away and not the CBD inducing anything.


Sometimes people turn to CBD oil to feel more awake. This is one of the less common uses, but some report it providing alertness. CBD is not a stimulant, and other additional terpenes in the product may cause this.


One of the biggest reasons people turn to CBD is sleep. CBD in itself is not a sedative. A balanced endocannabinoid system results in a body more inclined to have a restful night's rest. Don't expect CBD to knock you out like a sleep aid.

Quick Dosage Guide

The scope of this article is not focused on CBD dosage. If you want an in-depth report on dosing, you can click here.

We will go over dosage briefly to help you out. The main factor is to start slow and work your way up. There is not a set amount that will work with everyone. There are too many variables at play with dosage for a blanket recommendation.

Experimenting and recording how CBD products make you feel at specific amounts is the best way to get the correct dosage.

Side effects of CBD

CBD is a very stable substance, and most people report no adverse reactions to using it. Some common side effects from the people who say it are insomnia, anxiety, and digestive issues.

If you are pain medications, please consult your doctor before taking CBD.

How to figure out the Best CBD for you

When figuring out which CBD product will help you, start with what you are most comfortable with. CBD is pretty flexible, and each method does have overlap. If you want CBD to help, it's best to do it with something you will be consistent with.

We go into more detail about each product here, and you can also check out our product recommendation quiz. It's only three questions and can be finished in about 30 seconds.

CBD LION's products that can help

Here at CBD LION, we have a wide range of products that can help you. If you are looking for high dosage products, our tinctures start at 16.7mg/ml and go all the way up to 166.7mg per ml of CBD.

If you want a treat associated with your CBD products, we recommend our edibles. We have chocolates and gummies available. The gummies are isolate-based and have zero THC. The chocolates are a full spectrum CBD and contain trace amounts of THC.

For topicals, we have a wide range. Our most popular products are our lotions followed by the roll-on. Each is 1000mg of CBD. The lotion is a non-greasy formula that rubs in quickly. If you want a stronger feeling, opt for the roll-on as that has menthol and will provide a cooling sensation. If you are into sports, you've probably seen kinesiology tape. We have sports tape infused with CBD in the adhesive and is available in patches, strips, and roll. Lastly for the topicals are bath bombs. Each one is paired with essential oil and 100mg of CBD.

For inhalation, we have premium hemp flowers. This is the unaltered flower that the other CBD products are extracted from. It's the original way CBD was enjoyed. It's available in Blue Genius, Grape Soda, CBG White, and Sour Space Candy strains.

In conclusion

While some may be looking for significant effects from CBD, the truth is that it's more a lack of symptoms people feel. In the end, CBD feels like your body is back to normal. It doesn't work for everyone, but it's impossible to know until you try.

Make sure to start with a CBD product you are comfortable with and continue to experiment until you feel better.

If you are confused about all the different types of CBD, you can check out our guide here. It goes over the differences between isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD.