What does Delta 8 THC feel like?

Posted by CBD LION on on Nov/Wed/2021

What does Delta 8 THC feel like?

Have you heard about Delta 8 THC? It is a new type of cannabinoid derived from hemp. Unlike CBD, Delta 8 THC does have psychedelic properties and will get you high. It is not as potent as the common Delta 9 THC found in Marijuana and has a different feel. It's been on the market for over a year! If you are curious about what this feels like, then keep reading!

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta THC is just what you would expect, a type of cannabinoid that has the Delta- prefix. Delta cannabinoids are made by extracting CBD from hemp and converting it into this special compound via that chemically varies from Delta 9. The cannabis plant naturally produces some forms of these cannabinoids but not in the volume capable of being extracted.

How Delta 8 is different than CBD

The main benefit of CBD is getting the benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD is what makes cannabis medicinal, and if you want to experience what it does but not get high – CBD may be the choice for you! The Delta 8 THC high, on the other hand, delivers a psychedelic effect. It's an excellent option for those looking for a legal method to consume cannabis in states where Marijuana is still illegal.

Where Delta 8 THC comes from

With all the excess CBD on the market, some creative labs figured out how to convert the CBD to Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC is naturally occurring in hemp but not at the levels needed for a dedicated extraction.

Effects of DELTA 8

Like CBD, Delta 8 comes in a variety of forms. Each form is processed by the body differently and will have different intensities and duration.

The Delta 8 THC high has been described as not as intense as Delta 9 THC and is often referred to as THC light. It can provide subtle effects of euphoria with a slight energy boost. People report being clearer-headed and not as intoxicated since it's not as potent as Delta 9 THC.

Another common observation from users is much less anxiety compared to Delta 9 THC. Many users have quit using Marijuana due to its anxiety but have found solstice in the Delta 8 THC products. The reason being is the Delta 8 THC does not have as strong a bond to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, so it is not as psychoactive.


When taking a Delta 8 tincture sublingually, a user can expect to feel the effects in 10-30 minutes. Tinctures work by holding the oil under your tongue and allowing it to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The most significant benefit to tinctures is the ability to dose an exact amount using the graduated dropper. Since it has a quick onset, you can start slowly and gradually add until you find the ideal amount.

Tinctures have a moderate duration, and you can expect the effects to last a couple of hours.


Edibles like gummies are another excellent option for consuming Delta 8. They can produce a more substantial effect than the tincture as the liver processes it differently than the tincture. They typically have a more prolonged onset to start working but can last anywhere from four-six hours.

Gummies and edibles are the most delicious way to get that Delta 8 THC high!


You'll find a variety of Delta 8 THC strengths on the market. The reason is all consumers have a different tolerance level. An consumer user will need a stronger product, whereas a new user needs a less potent product. Keep in mind that Delta 8 is not as strong and intense as Delta 9, so the equivalent dosage will yield two different combinations of cannabinoids.

First Time Consumers

The first time and new users to Delta 8 THC are starting with no baseline. You'll want to start at a low dosage. Do not worry if you do not get the desired effect on your first try. The most important thing is you do not want to consume too much Delta 8 and have a bad experience.

The ideal way to figure out the amount is to start with the initial low dose, let the Delta 8 take effect, and add more if you feel you need a stronger effect.

Regular Consumers

For regular users who have experience with Delta 9, a good rule of thumb is that Delta 8 is two-thirds the strength of Delta 9. To put that in perspective, 15mg of Delta 8 would equal 10mg of Delta 9 THC.

As you continue consistent use of the product, you will build up a tolerance and need to consume more to achieve the same benefits and high.

Negative Side Effects

The negative side effects are consistent with any cannabis product. They can include dry mouth, red eyes, and drowsiness.

Overconsumption can result in more of a psychedelic head high which can be uncomfortable for some users and lead to paranoia.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have consumed too much THC, try taking some CBD to bring you back down and inhibit the THC's effects.

Delta 8 vs. Delta 9

Chemically, Chemically the only difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is the location of a double bond between two carbon molecule, which changes the effects and what it can treat. In terms of how you feel when consuming Delta 8 is also different from traditional THC as it has more psychedelic properties.

They both originate from cannabis plants and are found in vaping, edibles, gummies, flower, and topical products.


Delta 9 THC is the main molecule associated with Marijuana and is highly regulated. For it to be legal in your state, you need to purchase from a licensed dispensary with a medical or recreational program.

Delta 8, on the other hand, is considered Federally legal under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. Some states have adopted restrictions for the sale of Delta 8 and different THC isomers.

Keep in mind that Delta 8 will cause a failed drug test just like Delta 9. Anybody subject to drug testing should not consume Delta 8 products.


Delta 9 is naturally occurring and is found in high concentrations in many cannabis strains. The flower can be smoked, or the THC can be extracted and turned into edibles or vape products.

Delta 8 occurs naturally in cannabis in a minimal amount. It's primarily associated with hemp because CBD is the cannabinoid used to convert it to Delta 8.


CBD LION was founded by experts that came from one of the largest medical and recreational cannabis labs. They took their experience and brought it to the hemp plant, initially producing some of the best and highest quality CBD products on the market.

As consumers demanded a product with more feeling than CBD, they aimed their expertise to bring the same high quality to Delta 8 products in Gummies and Tinctures.

CBD LION's products are 3rd party lab tested and produced in their ISO 7 certified lab.


Delta 8 is an excellent alternative to Delta 9, especially in states with no medical or recreational cannabis program. It will get you high and provide a much different experience than cannabidiol. The high feels lighter than its marijuana counterpart and is less intense. Each person has a different tolerance, and there is no one size fits all approach to the dose. Just cause it's considered weed-light does not make it immune to overconsumption, especially with a method like gummies and edibles. It does provide more of a body high that some users like to aid with pain.

Though Delta 8 is a hemp product, it is intoxicating, and you should not motor vehicle or use machinery when using it. Make when consuming you let enough time pass for the Delta 8 effects to subside.