Understanding Why CBD Is Expensive

Understanding Why CBD Is Expensive

Posted by CBD Lion on on Jul/Tue/2021

Whoever said, “the best things in life are free” never saw the average market price of quality CBD. Adults interested in CBD products may be surprised by the price of premium oils or other CBD-infused merchandise. CBD is a specialized compound of hemp—a plant that is both difficult and time-consuming to produce. To ensure premium CBD is properly produced, hemp requires special growth conditions that differ from other agricultural crops. Oils of higher quality tend to last longer, taste better, and are potentially more effective than lesser quality CBD goods.

Why Is CBD Oil Expensive?

When it comes to CBD oil, high quality is critical. If you’re looking for top-shelf CBD from a trustworthy source, opt for a reputable company like CBD Lion.

Why is CBD oil so expensive? Let’s take a look:

Initial Start-up Costs

Similar to traditional farming, the initial start-up costs of cultivating hemp plants can be the most expensive. In addition to licenses for your specific state, you’ll need to account for production equipment, labor, and raw materials. The cost and certification of hemp seed distribution or production can vary by state, but regardless, it is extremely expensive.

Growing Hemp Is Time-Consuming

Hemp requires hours of manual labor and constant inspection to ensure bugs, mold, or harmful parasites don’t impact quality or production. Additionally, hemp plants go through an extensive drying process which requires large, dark spaces and proper drying conditions.

Pricey CBD Is a Form of Distinction

While expensive CBD can reflect the actual quality of your product, it can also be a tactic used by brands to showcase their product’s uniqueness. The more expensive a product is, the more sought-after it becomes. Additionally, most CBD beginners opt for lower and less expensive concentrations, leading them to believe CBD products of higher concentrations are overpriced.

Cost of Growing and Extraction

The process of CBD extraction is sophisticated and requires expensive, highly calibrated machines that can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then comes the various methods used for extraction. When done correctly, ethanol provides a less expensive method that potentially increases the production scale compared to the CO2 process. Extracting CBD oil using carbon dioxide may produce higher-quality CBD, but it’s an extremely expensive method. High-quality brands typically extract cannabidiol using carbon dioxide because it potentially produces premium cannabidiol.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Trusted CBD retail companies require extensive research and development and abide by government-mandated manufacturing practices. These methods, paired with accredited third-party testing, help ensure top-quality hemp products are distributed. The best retailers will independently test their products at third-party labs and provide a certificate of analysis with each sale. A certificate of analysis not only verifies the contents, but also confirms there are no harmful additives, pesticides, or toxins in the product.

What Is the Cost of Pure CBD?

The majority of expenses associated with CBD products originate from farming and manufacturing processes. However, credit card processing, financing, and production methods should also be taken into consideration.

There are several methods of extraction that range in affordability and safety. As mentioned earlier, ethanol extraction is the more affordable method, but residual ethanol in the merchandise is a major health concern. To ensure you're getting quality products, do your research and determine the right company to purchase products from.

CBD Lion for High-Quality Products

At CBD Lion, our goal is to produce the best products, which is why we focus on making the highest quality, most natural products possible. Whatever type of CBD-infused product you need, you'll find that we provide the most exceptional and diverse products in the cannabidiol industry. Check out our inventory and discover the product that’s right for you.


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