Is CBD Good For Your Skin?

Is CBD Good For Your Skin?

Posted by CBD LION on on Jul/Wed/2021

It’s no secret what goes inside your body can impact the outside, but did you know the opposite can be true too? What you put on your skin can impact the properties inside of your body as well. Skin is your body’s largest organ; it can absorb nutrients and beneficial elements from soaps, moisturizers, and oils you apply. Curious to know if topical CBD lotions and oils can positively impact the health of your skin?

Using CBD Skincare Products

Plant-based products focused on health and wellness have recently increased in popularity; however, botanicals like tea tree, cannabis, and aloe vera have been used as homeopathic treatment solutions for years. Despite plant-infused products like CBD presenting relatively no harm to users, clinically proven results to back up CBD’s benefits remain in short supply. Nevertheless, studies have shown that it may help improve the appearance of skin infections and other unwanted ailments.

CBD Could Help With Skin Infection

Cannabidiol’s CBD derivative contains potentially healing antifungal properties that can help prevent skin issues all over the body caused by fungus and bacteria. Skin infections can be embarrassing and annoying to manage; CBD skincare products may be able to alleviate your discomfort. When applied regularly, CBD-infused oils and topical creams may be a good choice to help soothe skin inflammation, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and more.

Potentially Reduce Acne With CBD

Acne is a widespread skin condition impacting adults of all ages. Luckily, CBD’s antimicrobial properties may help keep your body from producing excess sebum, which can cause oily skin and increase acne breakouts all over your face and body. CBD Lion’s oil tinctures may be a potential solution for long-term relief if you struggle with acne.

Help Soothe Dry Skin With CBD

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may have the ability to diminish the appearance of dryness and inflammation on your skin. It could also prevent or minimize the number of potential flare-ups for chronic dry skin conditions like psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. CBD-based topicals may be a possible preventative skincare option for individuals with sensitivity to harsh serums and scrubs.

Before Applying CBD

Although there’s no mandated supervision of the production or distribution of CBD-infused products, we recommend that you only use products sourced from retailers that adhere to the following FDA standards:

  • Has a certificate of analysis for each product
  • Have products tested for heavy metals and mold
  • Verifies testing from an accredited, third-party source
  • Has THC concentration of 0.3% or less

CBD Lion for Skincare Products

CBD Lion capsules, gummies, and edibles are an excellent source for general usage. But if you need a selection of potent products to target certain areas of concern, look for CBD creams, oils, and other topicals. The potential benefits of CBD skincare solutions are unlimited. Whether it’s your face, shoulder, back, or knees, our selection of CBD merchandise can target your problem areas and help improve your skin needs from the outside. Browse our selection of lotions, roll-ons, bundles, and more and determine which CBD Lion products are best for you.


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