What time you should take CBD

What time you should take CBD

Posted by CBD LION on on Oct/Tue/2020


One of the biggest questions aside for how much CBD do I need is when should I take it?We went over in the dosage article how to figure out how much you need.While everyone is different and requires a different amount to reach the optimal zone, or the goldilocks zone, the time you should take it is a big more straight forward.

Timing CBD is just as important as the amount you take.Since there are so many different ways to take it, you’ll have to time each one respective to their onsite and duration time.


CBD oil is the most popular way to consume CBD and has a quick onset when taken sublingually.If looking for effects during the day, consuming as you get up is your best option.You may need a boost midday if you are looking for all day relief.For optimal nighttime use, you’ll want to take it a hour before bed.


Edibles are a tasty and simple way to get CBD into your system.When consuming CBD like this you have to remember that the onset usually takes longer and is affected by the amount of food you consumed prior. Consuming gummies on an empty stomach will result in a quicker onset and duration. You’ll have to keep this in mind to help time the effect. For daytime use we recommend taking first thing in the morning and as needed as the effects come down at the end of the day. For nighttime use, optimal timing is 2 hours before going to bed.


Lotions and Roll-ons are generally seen as a means to treat specific areas. The onset is on the quicker side for these. Optimal timing for topical application is after taking a shower. At this point your pores are open and more readily able to absorb the CBD. For nighttime usage, applying right before bed is ideal.


With how quickly the onset is with inhalation products, the timing to use this kind of CBD product is be used on an as needed basis. Through the lungs the CBD is able to enter the blood stream almost instantly making the need for timing less important than the other methods. Our distillate pens are popular as they are discrete and offer an instant relief when the need or situation arises. You can simply pop out the pen and get CBD absorption at a moments notice. With our 14 different terpene profiles, you can have a pen, cartridge or shatter on tap for all situations.

If you haven’t checked out our dosage article, you can find it here. With knowing the right dosage and when to take CBD, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance at the relief you are looking for. They are the two most important factors in taking CBD and now knowing how to time the different products, you’ll be well on your way to an improved life.