How CBD and Terpenes Create An Entourage Effect

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

CBD with Terpenes: Entourage Effect

A big buzz word you hear in the CBD space is the entourage effect. What is it? It’s a synergistic combination of compounds that produce a more significant impact than what they would as an individual ingredient. The most common entourage effect you hear of is with broad and full-spectrum combinations. There is more than one way to achieve this, and at CBD LION, we take a bit different approach.

Terpenes: What They Are

So another buzz word common in the CBD space is terpenes. Its common name is essential oils, and they are naturally occurring compounds that are responsible for taste and smell, along with a lot of benefits for the human body. They are found in plants, and a specific terpene can be found in many different plants.

Terpenes and CBD

What is common in the cannabis space is terpene profiles. This describes the content of terpenes and gives the different strains their flavor and smell. When we entered the market, terpenes and CBD were not common items together. Most vape companies flavored their products with the same thing they used for nicotine solutions, and any tincture was flavored with food additives. While the flavors gave the product taste, they did not enhance the effect. We started flavoring our products with terpenes on day one and allowed us to offer not only different flavors but also various potential benefits with each flavor. Combining the terpenes with the CBD essentially supercharges the product.

Products That Feature Terpenes

Product lines that feature terpenes are our vape penscartridgesshatter, and flavored tincture. Our distillate vape pens feature six different terpene profiles known as Blue Dream, Blueberry, Cherry Pie, Forbidden Fruit, The Juice, and Wedding Cake. The other vape products have ten terpene profiles refereed to as Blueberry, Cherry Pie, Ghost Train Haze, Jack Herer, Grape Kush, Lemon Squeeze, Sour Diesel, Sour Tangie, Strawberry Cough and Watermelon OG. You’ll notice some of those profiles are cannabis strains, but do not worry; the terpenes were extracted from plants other than cannabis and were mixed to mimic the taste of the famous strains.

On our tincture side, the terpene profile flavors are Blueberry, Grape, Lemon, and Strawberry. The strawberry and the lemon feature terpene profiles that benefit daytime activities, and the Blueberry and grape benefit nighttime activities.

Terpenes Found In CBD LION Products

Limonene: This is a citrus-based terpene found in the peels of lemons, limes, and oranges. It’s properties potentially enable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress functions.

Myrcene: Can be found in a diverse set of plants such as Basil, Bay Laurel, Lemongrass, Mangoes, and Thyme. The potential beneficial properties associated with myrcene are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, antidepressant, and more!

Linalool: Is superabundant and can be found in over 200 different plants. The most common is lavender. The terpene has shown potential properties of anti-anxiety, anti-depression, enhance immune system function, and anti-seizure.

Phellandrene: Derived from a handful of plants, but most common is eucalyptus. Phellandrene has shown to have potential properties of antimicrobial and anti-fungal.

Terpinolene: Usually found in trees like Apple, Fir, Lilac, and Pine. It is known for the flexibility of aromas and has potential properties of a sedative, antibacterial and antioxidant.

Terpinene: Also found in a variety of plants like Allspice, Cardamom, Citrus, Juniper, Jamjoram, and more. The potential benefits associated with terpinene are antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-insomnia, anti-cancer, and antioxidant.

Caryophyllene: Commonly found in basil, black caraway, black pepper, cloves, hops, and rosemary. The potential befits range from anti-pain, antidepressant, antioxidant, and more.

Pinene: As denoted by the name, Pinene is found in a majority of trees in the pine family. Potential Benefits of Pinene range from anti-pain, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and many more.

As you can see, the potential benefits of terpenes are vast. That is why we combine them with CBD to produce a powerful entourage effect.