Hemp Flower: Is it for you?

Hemp Flower: Is it for you?

Posted by CBD LION on on Jun/Tue/2020

Hemp Flower: CBD in its natural Form

Today’s CBD products mostly consist of extracted cannabinoids from the hemp flower. Thanks to this technology, we can produce excellent products like edibles, tinctures, lotions, vape oils, and that is just scratching the surface. These products are incredible, but sometimes it’s good to experience something in its natural essence. Hemp flower is the most natural way to experience CBD and other cannabinoids.

Become closer to nature with the hemp flower. The buds are the same thing they use to extract CBD from hemp, but you get it in its unaltered state. This allows for all of the natural terpenes, range of cannabinoids, and unique tastes to be experienced by smoking the flower. We only use organically grown flower to avoid any contamination of pesticides.

Like it’s marijuana counterpart, hemp has many unique strains that consist of different terpene profiles and provide different taste experiences. The hemp flower is smokable and can be consumed via joints, blunts, bongs, and any other method to smoke bud. It’s a great alternative to cigarettes and a way of getting a cannabis smoking experience without the high.

Inhalation is the quickest method to get CBD into your bloodstream, and like our vape products, the hemp flower’s cannabinoids enter your bloodstream almost instantly. The hemp flower is considered a full spectrum product because, in addition to CBD, it’s rich with other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, THC, and more. The calming nature of the hemp flower comes on fast and providing you with a relaxing, pleasant feeling.

As with many new industries, many newbies do not know what they are doing. We only source our hemp from farmers registered with their state’s hemp program and use organic growing practices. With our experience growing cannabis, we can identify the excellent crop from the bad. There is a reason so much hemp crop went unclaimed in the 2019 growing season.

So hemp flower looks, smells, and tastes like marijuana, but what is the difference between them? Both plants are considered cannabis, but it’s primarily the law that sets these two apart. The differentiating factor between the two is just the THC content. Hemp is considered anything below 0.3% Delta9 THC, where marijuana is considered anything above the 0.3% threshold.

With the 2018 Farm Bill Passing, hemp flower became a viable product to sell. With anything new and unfamiliar, some states have outlawed the sale of hemp flower. States where hemp flower is legal, you do not need a medical card and is restricted by age granting access to natural remedies to millions of Americans.

Overall if you like CBD and are into smoking, there are few things you’ll find as enjoyable as hemp flower.