CBD Topicals: How They Work And Tips For Using

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

Can CBD Be Applied Using Topical Application?

Athletic girl with knee injuryCBD oil is more than just drops you place under your tongue or oil you put in a vaporizer. For many, the option of relieving areas in need can come from applying CBD topically in the form of  creamslotions, and oils. But numerous topical CBD products exist for the sole purpose to chill out, as well.

Do Topical CBD Products Actually Work?

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Studies show that topical CBD products do work, but they come with a caveat: all the studies were conducted on animals, not humans. Even so, based on their results, it appears that there is some solid science behind the healing and health-boosting abilities of topical CBD.

In a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Pain, arthritic rats that had the highest doses of CBD gel massaged into their backs showed significantly lower levels of inflammation and pain, compared to those that received placebo, and the rodents that received lower doses of CBD. The closest thing we have to a human CBD study involves a Phase 2 clinical trial using a proprietary CBD transdermal gel given to 320 patients with knee osteoarthritis over the span of 12 weeks. Among the participants, researchers found “some reductions in pain and improvements in physical function.” So, what makes CBD topicals so great?

When CBD is taken orally, it can produce minor side effects in those who are taking prescription medications. But studies have found that when CBD is used topically, it produces no side effects, even at high doses, nor does it appear to interact with medications.

Tips for Using Topicals

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Even if you only decide to try a topical CBD product out of curiosity for, say, a sensual massage or a  relaxing bath, you may find that CBD makes you feel generally better, and there aren’t many non-CBD products that can boast that. If you are looking to reap all of the benefits of administering the cannabinoid topically, here are few tips:

Tip #1: Prepare for Relief the Right Way from the Start

Clean the affected area first. Whether you’re using topical CBD for pain relief or simply relaxation, it’s important to wash the area where you plan to apply it well first, so the maximum amount of CBD is absorbed and nothing is blocking it from your skin.

Bonus: Apply CBD Topicals after a hot shower for maximum absorption. After a warm shower your pores are dilated and can absorb more of the topical.

Tip #2: Go the Extra Mile For Increased Benefit

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Use vigorously and don’t be afraid to reapply. Vigorously massage or rub it into your skin, and don’t be afraid to apply it for a second or third time.

Tip #3: Know that CBD Affects Everyone Differently

Expect relief but not perfection. For some people, CBD is the only thing that helps them feel better. For others, it provides subtle relief. Like any other natural remedy, CBD doesn’t necessarily cure anything, but it makes ailments bearable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dosages and try other products to see if one is superior to the other.