​CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum: Whats's The Difference and What You Should Use

​CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum: Whats's The Difference and What You Should Use

Posted by CBD LION on on Jul/Wed/2020

Three Powerful Choices

You may notice that our line is expanding beyond CBD Isolate and now offer products using a CBD Broad spectrum and Full Spectrum formula. We've waited to perfect formulas that match the quality of our Isolate line. These new lines are a higher-end product than our isolate line and can be viewed as a supercharged version. So what's the difference from Isolate to Broad and Full spectrum products?


Isolate is a pure extraction of CBD and contains no other cannabinoids, and the highest quality is 99% pure. The Isolate in its pure form is a white powder substance that is extracted from the distillate oil. Broad and Full Spectrum consists of the distillate oil the Isolate is pulled from. This oil contains more than just CBD; it also may contain CBN, CBG, CBDA, CBDV, and many others. The big difference from broad Spectrum to full Spectrum is THC. In Broad Spectrum, the THC is removed from the distillate oil, and for the Full Spectrum, the THC content is left in contact. All of our Full Spectrum products are under the legal 0.3% THC threshold

Entourage effect

The entourage effect is when multiple substances produce a result higher than their means (1+1=3). With Isolate, we've used formulas with terpenes to induce the entourage effect in our vape and flavored tinctures. In Broad and Full Spectrum, other cannabinoids and the natural terpenes are used to produce the entourage effect. The more terpenes and cannabinoids, the higher the odds of the entourage effect.

Which product should you use?


Isolate is the most reasonable product we have and provides a pure CBD experience. These products are free of THC and have the most predictable results. For those wanting an entourage effect with the isolate products, you will need to use our flavored isolate tincture, vape cartridges, or shatter.

Isolate products available: Bath Bombs, CBD Sports Tape, and Patch, Gummies, Isolatepowder, Lotion, Roll-On, Pet Tinctures, Tinctures, Shatter, Vape Cartridges.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum comes at a higher price point than the Isolate but features additional cannabinoids and natural terpenes. Chances of better relief with these products are higher due to the natural entourage effect the other natural ingredients provide. This is ideal for someone looking for the most powerful CBD product without THC. Some states require the CBD products to have 0% THC, making this a powerful option in those states.

Broad Spectrum Products Available: Distillate Vape Pen, Tinctures

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum consists of distillate in its complete unaltered form. No cannabinoids or terpenes are removed from the oil. It is the most powerful entourage effect CBD products. Full Spectrum is ideal for someone not subject to drug tests and looking for the most effective outcome. Full Spectrum products are restricted from shipment in a handful of states with a law restricting any THC content.

Full Spectrum Products: Hemp Flower, Lotion, Tinctures

If you have any questions on what CBD product you can use, send us an email through our contact us form or call at (833) CBD-2DAY (833-223-2329). Please be aware we are not allowed to recommend products on health conditions.

CBD and Drug Tests

We do want to give some insight into CBD products and drug testing. While most tests are subject to THC content, taking a THC free product does not guarantee a passed drug test. The technology has not caught up, and some tests are unable to distinguish other cannabinoids and may cause false positives. Always consult with your employer on CBD usage.