CBD Bath Bombs: Melt Your Worries Away

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Wed/2020

Melt your worries away with a CBD Bath Bomb

Our world is moving faster than ever, and that brings about vast amounts of stress. Many people have turned to CBD products such as tincturesgummies, and vape for relief. There is a product we recently launched that we highly recommend, CBD Bath Bombs.

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is found in the Hemp plant. It provides many of the healing benefits associated with THC but without the high as it is not psychoactive.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system located throughout the body that is in charge of maintaining homeostasis. Many things can disrupt homeostases such as stress, lack of sleep, or an injury. Using CBD can help fight back and get your body balanced.

While the body has many CB1 and CB2 receptors located internally, the most significant single source is in the skin. It’s why topical such as lotions and roll-ons have become so popular.

Why use bath bombs

Take the stress-relieving nature of a bath and add essential oils and 100mg of CBD, and you have one powerful relaxation tool. Here at CBD LION, we have five different scents, each with a unique, essential oil, and you’ll learn what’s best for you.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal CBD Bath Bomb

One of our most popular bath bombs due to it’s detoxing properties. Created with all-natural ingredients, the charcoal bath bomb could potentially help with kidney function, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory. The activated charcoal is known for binding to toxins to help flush the body. It is excellent as the warm bath help cleanse the mind, the bath bomb helps cleanse the body.


Citrus CBD Bath Bomb

Looking for a pick me up? The citrus bath bomb is the high energy one of the lineup. It can potentially help with skin rejuvenation, mood enhancement, antioxidant, immune system support, anti-anxiety, and energy boost. Like the charcoal, it is made from all-natural ingredients and contains 100mg of CBD.


Eucalyptus CBD Bath Bomb

An essential oil that is highly regarded for it’s potential in pain relief, immune system aid, decongestant, and more. It’s a bath bomb that’s great for doing it all as it has the potential benefits of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, respiratory aid, anti-bacterial, purify, cleanse and boost the immune system and improve mood.


Lavender CBD Bath Bomb

A popular floral plant, Lavender is most highly regarded for its soothing scent. Its soothing properties translate well into its potential benefits to help anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, insomnia, depression and relaxation, and calming. Like all of our scents, the lavender contains 100mg of CBD and is made with all-natural ingredients.


cbd bath bomb rose

A women’s dream, as many of this scent's potential benefits, favors the female body. The Rosé bath bomb has the potential to help with anxiety, depression headaches, PMS cramps, migraines, skin hydration, acne, aging, insomnia, and pain. The Rosé bath bomb is made with all-natural ingredients and is infused with 100mg of CBD.

Get the most out of your Bath Bomb Experience.

To maximize the potential benefits, you’ll need to make sure to do the following things. You will want the water temperature to be comfortably warm. Too hot, and you’ll be sweating! Stay in the bath for at least 35 minutes. It would be best if you gave your body time to absorb all of the wonderful ingredients so they can work their magic. Give each scent a try to see which one works best with your body.

Lastly, if the Bath Bombs work for you, tell your friends as they may be in need of some of the benefits a CBD Bath Bomb can help potentially help with.