Buyer Beware: CBD On Amazon

Posted by CBD LION on on Feb/Fri/2020

CBD On Amazon

What is not to love about Amazon? Freaky fast shipping, Alexa can start your car, and soon you will be able to get your next order via drone. So why think twice about buying CBD from Amazon?

It’s against Amazon Policy

So why avoid buying hemp products on Amazon? The biggest reason is Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD. Anyone attempting to sell CBD on Amazon is either downplaying the content of CBD in the product or trying to deceive the consumer with a product that contains regular hemp oil. With a track record of breaking the rules, do you think they care about the end product or that they care about making a quick buck from an uneducated consumer?

Lack of Transparency

Trying to be secretive about what you are selling means no test results. When you purchase from a legitimate CBD source, you’ll find easy access to 3rd party lab test results. These test results show you the content of what is in the product, potency and that it has passed numerous toxins and heavy metal screenings. You will not find these on Amazon from any of the sellers. If if it is a CBD product, they will have to hide it. Why risk trying to find a legitimate CBD product amongst a sea of phony products?

Hemp Oil does not equal CBD Oil

What you’ll find on Amazon is that these products are marketed to look and feel of a CBD product, but is called hemp oil. The product sold as "hemp oil" is hemp seed oil the majority of the time. While hemp seed oil tastes similar and looks similar to CBD oil, it comes from the seed of the plant, not the cannabinoid-rich biomass. It won’t even come close to providing the effects of cannabidiol.

Ridiculous Claims

Our favorite is the “Hemp Oil” products that have a physically impossible amount listed on a label. “240 000mg” is physically impossible to fit in a 30mL bottle. This would take over eight bottles to fit. The thing is they aren’t trying to say it has 240,000mg, but 240mg with a bunch of pointless zeros hanging out beside the 240 trying to deceive you. Since these sellers are trying to make a quick buck, they make false medical claims. It’s the biggest no-no in the CBD community, and the FDA has warned countless companies for much less.

Convenience not worth sacrificing for quality

We don’t blame anyone for trying to buy CBD on Amazon. If it were allowed, you’d be able to purchase our products there. They continue to ban the product, and we understand getting a CBD product fast is a significant priority. That’s where we come in with free same-day shipping before 3 pm CST, with Priority Mail a minor $4.99 upgrade away. You don’t need to have a fleet of vans and many million square foot warehouse to ship quickly, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our service. Combined with our high-quality product and transparent practices, you can’t go wrong with CBD LION!