About Us

Quality From The Start

CBD LION was started in 2017 by professionals from the medical and recreational space that saw a lack of quality and consistency in the market. They used their experience developing highly effective medical cannabis products, to create the same experience for a CBD product. From day 1, our product has been made in an ISO 7 certified lab and featured a QR code to take you directly to the 3rd party test results page. While it may be common practice now, you’ll find most companies did not operate like that from the start.  

Not just a CBD company but an educator!

Too many companies hop into the market without giving the customer the information they need to pick the right product for them. Not only do we use our vast knowledge of the Cannabis plant to create the best possible products, but we use it to help people learn about the many benefits and powers of CBD. You can see our desire to teach in person at a show, our brochure at a shop, or our Learn About CBD page. If you still have questions, we have customer service at (833) CBD-2Day and

Family Owned

Pride in quality is much easier to maintain when you are family-owned. We are not some arm of a conglomerate focused on prying every penny from the market. Providing the highest quality CBD at the best possible price is our foremost goal.

Experts in Supply Chain and Lean Operation

With the CBD market changing so rapidly, flexibility is critical. We are happy to claim one of the best supply chains in the market; This leads us to pass on lower prices for the same quality products as day 1. Higher priced products are often worse quality and only priced higher due to overhead costs. At CBD LION, you pay for the CBD and not an overpriced athlete’s contract or fat cat executives salary.

Continued Innovation

Discoveries happen every day, and we are just at the beginning to honestly know the power of different cannabinoids. Our job learning is never done, and anytime a product can be improved, we go back to the drawing board and make it better. Every time you view our website, chances are you’ll see something new!