Commonly asked questions about CBD LION and CBD

If you have anymore questions or concerns not covered below please contact us.

 +  What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is found in hemp.

 +  Will CBD get me high?

No. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high.

 +  How does CBD help?

CBD helps the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating many body functions. We suggest doing your own research on the effectiveness of a specific problem.

 +  What is the best way to take CBD?

We have a wide range of products but there are three basic consumption methods they fall under, Edible, Topical and Inhalation. Each has specific benefits, durations and personal preferences, you can read more at our Learn About CBD Page.

 +  How much CBD should I take?

There is no one size fits all serving suggestion for CBD. We recommend you start low and work your way up to get your desired effect.

 +  Can a failed drug test result from CBD usage?

Yes, despite our CBD products being THC free. Drug testing technology has not caught up and CBD usage can result in false positives of THC, even when no THC is consumed. We suggest you be upfront with any facility on your CBD usage.

 +  Are your products 3rd party tested?

Yes we test each batch we produce and can find our test results here.

 +  Where is your hemp grown?

We use farms from Kentucky, Colorado, Oregon and will continue to explore more states as hemp programs startup. All farms use Non-GMO hemp and organic farming.

 +  Are your products Isolate based?

Yes all of our CBD products are isolate based besides the distillate vape pen.

 +  What is the shelf life of a product?

2 years from production. All products feature manufacture date and expiration.

 +  What extraction processes do you use?

Our CBD products come from both ethanol and C02 critical extraction methods. All raw CBD is 3rd party lab tested and must pass a full panel of heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, solvents, toxins and purity before it is used in any of our products.

 +  Is it normal for the oil in the vape pen or cartridge to turn colors?

Yes! It is normal for the oil to change colors. It is the terpenes reacting to UV light and can turn pink, purple, orange, red and brown. This does not effect the flavor or solution.

 +  Why can’t you ship Vape products to my state?

Certain state laws have banned flavors or put taxes in place that have made compliance not financially feasible to do business.

 +  I’m local, can I pickup my order or buy in person?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer order pickup as we are a manufacturing facility with no retail capacity.

 +  How long till I get my order?

We ship same day Monday-Friday if the order is placed before 3pm CST. Any orders placed after 3pm CST will ship first thing the next business day. Please be aware we ship USPS and any holidays that the Post Office is closed will result in an additional transit day. Priority Mail is typically received 1-3 business days after shipment and 1st class mail is 3-8 business days after shipment.

 +  Do you sell to wholesalers?

Yes, you can learn more and apply at our Wholesale page.

 +  Can I return my order?

You can return all unopened items within 30 days of receipt. A 30% restock fee does apply and buyer is responsible for shipping. All returns must receive an RMA from

 +  Can I cancel my order?

Yes, we ship orders twice a day so please contact us at asap. If it ships out before we are notified, you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping.

 +  What should I do if there is a problem with my order?

Please get in contact with us right away at (833) CBD-2Day or and we will take care of you.